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Brain and nervous system diseases
Counseling and organizing rehabilitation courses for paralysis patients from stroke and spinal cord injury With modern innovation Through direct brain and nerve stimulation, rTMS is combined with specialized physical therapy programs. And strengthen the nerve cells as well Nutrients, vitamins, minerals needed for rejuvenation Effective Depending on the response to the treatment, good results will depend on Severity of disease

Another treatment case at M2Brain Clinic.

 Panuwat, 18 years old, has an accident The motorcycle fell on the head, hit the floor, headache. Doctors said that the blood vessels in the brain had to undergo an operation to open the skull. Rested the floor for almost 2 months after the surgery, so he returned home with paralysis, weak limbs Continuous physical exercise for 6 months, improved symptoms, lack of small muscles, moving fingers and difficulty walking Come to treat with rTMS full course and neurological rehabilitation course from doctor. 1 course rTMS 10 times. Vitamins for nerve treatments 2 times. Ozone 1 time. Continuous physical therapy for 10 days. Small muscles begin to work Legs in the crook section Improved movement, greater ease of walking With constant treatment and rehabilitation

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